Monday, November 1, 2010

Some good news, folks ……… 姜的美妙

Recently, I came across this piece of news from the net. I could not believe my eyes when I read them. Read this for yourself to see if this could help you in any way:-

Eat raw ginger to ease muscle pain

LONDON - Recent research has found that consumption of raw ginger can help to alleviate muscle tension caused by exercise.

The new study conducted in America showed if consumed on a daily basis, a small amount of the spice is effective to reduce the strains on muscle after a workout session.

The result which was published in the Journal of Pain supported the anecdotal evidence that ginger has pain-killer properties.

Researchers from the University of Georgia gave the participants 2g of raw ginger, another group an equivalent amount of heat-treated ginger, and a third group was given a placebo (used as a control in the research).

There was evidence that heat treatment can boost the spice potency up to 11 days and increase its pain-relieving effects.

Participants were put through a series of arm exercises.

The outcome revealed that 24 hours after exercise, the pain levels of the group who ate raw gingers were 25 per cent lower than those on placebos.

Pain levels were also 23 per cent lower in the heat-treated group.

Besides its use as a remedy for nausea, previous ab study has also found that powdered ginger could kill ovarian cancer cells.

So, sprinkle more gingers on your steamed fish or porridge and add a few pieces to your fried vegetables to start making the difference. Or just take a few glasses of ginger tea. Blended ginger also made good dip for meats like chicken.