Sunday, October 23, 2011

When a white butterfly crosses your path .....

When a white butterfly crosses your path or enters your home, it will bring good luck and is a sign that you will have a good life.

Some believe ‘White’ butterflies also symbolize past spirits/souls. I've come to believe they are signs of good luck or angels watching over you. ‘White’ butterflies have many different symbolic meanings in different cultures. Regardless of their symbolism, every time a ‘White’ butterfly crosses my path, it puts a smile on my face and touches my soul.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One crazy rainy afternoon in Ulu Yam

My husband came home one night and exclaimed excitedly, “This evening my Mom, elder brother and I went to Ulu Yam for its famous loh mee and ‘saito’ fish cake. They are so delicious, someday; I will bring you and the children there to taste them.”

I really do look forward to that day and it came today. This afternoon we made a trip to a small town called Ulu Yam somewhere in Selangor for the meal. This place was some 47 km away from Kuala Lumpur and I remembered I used to pass by this little town on the way back to Ipoh some two decades ago before we had the North South Highway.

It took us almost an hour to reach the place amidst a very heavy downpour all the way. It was a long journey for us and I was worried he might not recognize the way but luckily we managed to get there at last.

Once there we ordered two bowls of loh mee, a big one and a medium one. They are so delicious, something out of this world. I liked the color of the gravy, dark and thick. The taste of the black vinegar is heavenly and it goes well with the smooth noodle. It is different from what we used to have in Kuala Lumpur. They cost RM13 and RM9 respectively.

Another star attraction is the ‘saito’ fish cake. It was so fresh. How do I know it was fresh? Well, the skin was crispy and the flesh bouncy and free from a fishy smell. It goes well with the chilli sauce provided. We ordered a big plate which cost us RM16.

It was truly a wonderful meal, because firstly, my husband kept his promise of bringing us there despite the distance and the food was really tasty too. We are very happy and satisfied and have an enjoyable trip back home.

It was also a simple meal but very meaningful for it brought us closer and that is what counts.